26 April 2012

VIDEO: wave dump recovery

The wind subsided but the swell was still there. Myself and Johan Wirsen wanted to have a closer look at waves smashing onto rocks but misjudged the sets.

select 720p if you have fast internet connection
It would have been wise to wear some helmets but we didn't have them with us on this mini-expedition. After this little incident we distanced ourselves from the rocks and went sailing instead (video coming soon)
For full story of the trip click HERE



  1. This one was really great!! Just love the padling in the big sea:)))

  2. That looks like SO much fun Gnarly! Great stuff. :)

  3. - It was great fun!!! / Johan W

  4. Hairy Little Dwarf4/28/12, 5:21 PM

    Sea kayaks doing what Sea Kayaks should be doing :)

  5. Wow. That was impressive - the paddling and camera work. A great reaction of surprise "WHOA", it's what I was thinking too, and awesome recovery caught on video. A really good motivation for learning how to roll. Thanks!

    1. BP, I nearly lost a camera when I got hit by the second wave in the video. The point of view of a wide angle camera usually flattens the scene and makes it look more distant. Johan was bloody close to those rocks and if he didn't recover with a roll it could have been a bit sketchy.
      I guess all that Greenland rolling practice is not just for show and does come handy, occasionally :-)


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