17 April 2012

Inspired by GnarlyDog News?

A recent YouTube video has been brought to my attention where a paddler performs a similar balancing act to my recent guest Geggamoja video .
In "Sea Kayak Video Production" video a happy paddler with remarkable balance tries to stand on the deck of his kayak.

stand balance2
YouTube screen-shot

I then read his accompanying description on the video where he says:

>>It usually takes several years dedicated to paddle before being
able to balance standing in a kayak.
Some of us, probably, they will never (like me),
others do not see any purpose,
just like some people do not see any reason to learn how to roll a kayak.
I admire these kayakers able to handle the kayak with ways so
graceful .....
able to communicate with a few simple steps ...
real Guru can teach all of us ...

Wait a minute... those words sound familiar!
In my post I write:

It usually takes a few years of dedicated paddling to be able to balance standing in a narrow beam kayak. Some of us will probably never get it (like myself) and some will see no point in it.
Just like some see no reason for learning how to roll a kayak or master more than a sketchy combat roll, I admire paddlers that can finesse the boat with graceful strokes.

Have I inspired people across the pond, all the way to Italy, to mimic Geggamoja video and copy my text?
Should I think that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?
If nothing else, at least it has inspired people to have a go and make it fun :-)



  1. That is hilarious! When the water gets warmer I'll get a picture up too, and I'll do a better job of copying and pasting!

  2. Yessss, your blog is really inspiring! I have personally linked it to my blog. I am the paddler and my friend Cesare edited the video and the text. To write in english we frequently do this: re-use sentences taken in the web to write properly... Sorry if this was disturbing. No intention to upset people.

  3. Ciao Gnalrydog.. to be completely fair I have also to give tribute to the man from which I saw this type of play several years ago: Nigel Foster!

    You can see a video of my first trials ith friends encouraging me:


  4. You're right, Gnarlydog!
    Your words have inspired me in creating the video, and I wanted to propose the same concept in a funny mode.
    Hope I did it!
    Hope you like it!
    Consider it a great tribute from a modest kayaker and.... stay tuned!

    IKDMChannel is only on You Tube!

  5. I love how it turned into Engrish.
    Its like someone has copied it in another language, then this person copied it again and translated it back into English poorly.


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