10 April 2012

Photo: the designer of the kayaks

It has been an honor to host world class kayak designer and boat builder Johan Wirsen from Sweden.
Johan Wirsen is the man behind the brilliant design of two of our favorite kayaks: the Tahe Greenland and the Zegul 520.
He paddles those two kayaks back in Sweden and he obviously felt very comfortable when borrowing ours.
Johan is a very good paddler and roller and we had a quick session on the shore of Redcliffe. He was all smiles still incredulous of how warm our waters are; as he left Sweden a week ago the ice had just melted!
Forward ending rolls with a Norsaq were particularly interesting.

Johan Wirsen in Tahe Greenland_c
Johan Wirsen paddling Stika's Greenland
We took the opportunity to spectate the start of the Brisbane to Gladstone yacht race from the water, in a kayak.

Johan and Stika_c
Johan and Stika waiting for the sailing boats



  1. great post......right on time

    i'm six foot and 5 inch (about 200 cm') high

    i have a slim body

    i went yesterday to by the Tahe Greenland

    well.......let say that the kayak's cockpit is too small in length but not in its width

    i know that Swedish men are very tall on Average

    is there a model of the Tahe Greenland suitable for guys like me ?

    thank you

  2. Very nice! Johan is a lucky man, seems like he enjoyed it a lot:)

  3. Nissim,
    I had a chat with Johan and he says that the Greenland would max out on a person of 90-100Kg designed to have 20mm of freeboard. Johan is 6'4" and size 45(EU) feet (but he wears no shoes) and he fits the Greenland but he does not use the footpegs (custom bulkhead to his specs). If your feet are any bigger then it might be a problem. He also suggests the Greenland T with a slightly higher deck and with a bit more room (wider) and easier to get in-out.
    If you have the opportunity it would be best if he tried both. The T is a great kayak too and some paddlers find it easier to roll than the Greenland.

  4. thank you for the quick response

    i'm a 105 kg and size 50(EU) feet

    i guess i will have to order a custom made wooden Greenland kayak

    thank you

  5. Hi Gnarly and Nissim, maybe a good solution is to make your own greenland kayak, because you will make it considering your body measures. And will have a lot of fun and develope new knowledge :)


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