01 May 2012

Photo: strong-wind-warning sailing

The week-end was shaping to be wasted: heavy rain and a strong wind warning kept me off the water on Saturday but I was still optimistic for Sunday.
Being outside at least one day of the week is my priority and I really regret it if I miss it.
The Bureau of Meteorology issued a strong wind warning but the wind chart website promised lighter winds on the western side of the bay.
We decided to head out anyway and make a call at the launch site.
I was hoping for some exhilarating sea kayak sailing but it was incredibly calm and sunny when we set off: disappointing.

I was dressed for a colder and wetter scenario and welcomed the breeze once half way across to my favorite destination island only a short distance paddle.
Eventually the wind did pick up to a healthy 15-20 knots but dropped off again a few hours later.


Sailing into storm_c


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  1. What a contrast to down here - We had such as screeching southerly I didn't even head out on Sunday for a downwind blast (without a sail). It was just too darn windy to recover safely in the event of difficulty. The wind was so strong here you could lean into it and be supported!



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