31 May 2011

Autumn sea kayak camping

Autumn brings the very best kayak tripping conditions in Moreton Bay. The heat has abated, the insects have diminished and the rednecks have just about gone.
The same location in the middle of summer is no fun, for me.
Stormy evening_c
enjoying the evening at the beach as stormy clouds on the horizon promise rain.
Last week-end I enjoyed a camping outing with good friends. Seven of us, all using traditional paddles: Greenland and Aleut, solid core, laminated and carbon ones. We all share the same passion: paddling with trusted friends where skills are high and the politics low :-)
The rain set in around dinner time but the large tarp gathered us under its shelter. A simple candle fire gave us the illusion of a real fire while nobody got smoked out. A quality bottle of wine was Stevatron's shout* for using his new sleeping bag for the first time. Sleeping under the tarp still required some protection from the hardy insects; a small net or the now famous home-made insect repellent: San-fla-Van (Vanilla's secret recipe).

Launching from Moreton
photo: Simone Staff_used with permission

*"shout", Australian for:  it's somebody's treat.
In our group, when somebody uses a new item for the first time, it's customary to buy a round of Magnums or a nice bottle of wine to enjoy with others


  1. We would go broke in NSWSKC

  2. I hear you. It only works among friends, not in a club.

  3. Must be the season or the hemispheric vibe channel. Eric just posted about the bliss of going on a paddling retreats with a good bunch of mates...
    Your "shout" tradition rocks, just like the one Tess blogged about where you do the same number of rolls in a persons age on their birthday..


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