24 May 2011

VIDEO: Feeling good in Moreton Bay

It ain't always gnarly paddling with MEI.
Relaxed Sunday outings in Moreton Bay offer plenty of opportunities to just kick back, enjoy a fun paddle and do some rolling.
Queensland summer heat can be oppressive, especially when there is little wind. We often prefer rainy days which also happen to be when most motorized crafts don't go out. Rain doesn't bother us and getting wet is a given. We regard kayaking a wet sport.

The softer side of G-Dawg


  1. So cool clip!

    Which camera do you use? Really good quality.
    What kind of tripod/outrigger do you use? DIY? Do you have photos of the setup?
    I have hardly seen any sails on kayaks in Sweden. Which brand do you use and where do you find the sails?



  2. Hi Gdog, you stated “Queensland summer heat can be oppressive... We often prefer rainy days... Rain doesn't bother us and getting wet is a given. We regard kayaking a wet sport.” Come to Scotland, you would love it. We have got plenty of rain here! Love the video and music.

    David A

  3. great video
    fun music


  4. Hi Damiano - cool clip :o)
    I like movies where the hero get the girl in the last scene... . ;-)
    The transitions between the different elements are good.

  5. David, do you have water temps of 27C? I will be there soon :-)
    Seriously, I have seen many images and footage of Scotland paddling: absolutely stunning.
    Are you offering a hook up? always looking for international collaboration for a paddling adventure exchange...

    Axel, you made me laugh with your comment :-)

    the sails are from Flat Earth Sails. I really think they are the best. Have a look at my other posts on sailing, all the details are there.
    Re Cameras and mounts: I have sent you a private email. Will take some pix of the set ups.

  6. Fun video! Really enjoyed watching it :)

  7. Nice vid Damiano! Love the many views of paddles. The difference in profile of the Mitchel to the Elver really stands out, and the shape of the Vanstix is clear too. Nice.

    Is that a carbon Aluet you've got there now? (And a carbon GP... I think your like a carbon collecting bower bird perhaps ;) )

  8. Tom, yep you are right: there is a marked difference between the Mitchell and the Elver even if both are GPs; the Vanstix is a given being an Aleut paddle.
    No carbon Aleut (yet), it's just a laminated one tinted mahogany color and clear coated. The deep color almost looks black. The black GP however is true carbon (balsa core). One can never have enough paddles (and kayaks) :-)

  9. Hi Damiano
    We are aim to entertain ;o)

  10. Beautiful swimming video Gdawg, and nice to see a little kayaking thrown in there too. ;)

  11. Thanks a lot! I will check out more about the sails!

  12. Fun stuff. Let's see more of that pretty face that flashed by :-) Silbs


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