01 May 2011

Photo: sailing into the sunset

Sailing into the sunset
Sailing into the sunset on a recent extended trip.
While some regarded the conditions a bit too windy to paddle we had great fun sailing our kayaks.
Video of the trip coming soon..


  1. every time i sea a video or photo pf a sea kayak with a sail deployd i ask my self what about making a roll if capsizing ?

  2. Rolling a kayak with the sail deployed is possible: http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2010/01/sail-roll.html
    I however have trouble rolling back up when the wind is blowing hard.
    I have to lower the mast, have the sail totally loose and then try to scull back up.
    If the wind is blowing hard sometimes the kayak is pushed along with the sail acting as a sea anchor.


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