25 April 2010

Technique: the Magnum® roll

After attempting this elusive roll repeatedly in a Nordkapp LV, it was finally performed for the first time by Adventuretess in a Tahe Marine Greenland.
The Magnum® roll is a highly advanced Greenland roll that possibly will be included in future Greenland rolling competitions :-)

Review of the Tahe Marine Greenland: here


  1. Is eating the ice cream off the stick part of the technique?

  2. Sure is!
    Rolling with the ice cream still on the stick would be cheating since it gives you a much larger surface to push off from :-)
    Needless to say it would be a waste too seeing all that good ice cream melt away as it hits the water... ooh, unless you roll in real frigid waters, like in your 'hood in winter :-)
    Ah, one more thing: one must be careful with eating that ice cream slowly. That’s where the proverbial “ice cream headache” comes from…

  3. That is one heck of a rolling stick!


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