03 October 2012

Video: The Ocean Dragons

I have had no time to create a post of my own lately (I have just returned back to Australia) but I have come across this brilliant video by The Ocean Dragons.

These guys really enjoy rough conditions using Greenland paddles.

Thanx to Adventuretess for the link


  1. wow! great movie!!

    Glad you're back :)

  2. Hi, i am Roberto García from The Ocean Dragons. Especial thanks for the link Gnarlydog. We will link your blog too as soon as posible. Best regards.

  3. Great work, kayak skills, editing and music, well done. Vanilla

  4. Hola, espero que el bloc de Dragones algun dia sea tan bueno como el vuestro.

  5. Very exciting video!
    Great work!

    Greetings from south Brazil


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