05 September 2012

Road Trip

USA Route 66 - Oatman Arizona
photo: Stewart Leiwakabessy_with permission

Gnarlydog News is taking a break while on a road trip. We will be attending to comments moderation sporadically (there is no Internet in the backcountry) and resume posting soon.


  1. For a cool landscape, looks like a small village from a western movie :) Are you going up in the mountain Gnarly:)))

    Take care;)

    1. Yes, this time is no kayaks but a backpack and mountaineering boots to venture up to 12000 feet. It has been a while since I have seen snow.

    2. Naise!!! Are you going to share the trip? :)))

      The snow has arrived where we have the cottage, very naise. Looking forward to a trip tomorrow:))

      Miss you padling pics:))

  2. Ah heck. Make us wonder! I love suspense and surprises. Have a great trip. Bloggers need a vacation too!

    Cheers from Canada.

  3. If you are near Moab......come visit!

    ~ Will (willburcito@gmail.com)

    1. Will, I considered Moab but I thought it was still a bit too hot for backpacking this time of year. Maybe next time.

  4. Unfortunately my time is limited and I will concentrate to the West Coast


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