10 October 2012

Photo: High Sierra

There is a magical place that has a special spot in my heart.
It is not along the seashore or deep in the woods but high in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada of California.

Blue Lake_2

I recently reconnected with that place and realized how much I missed the simple pleasure of journeying through a rocky landscape in good company.
Sheltered from the breeze I slept outside in a hollow on my last night looking at the starry night.
With just my face exposed from the hood of my warm sleeping bag, the cold breeze transported me back to my childhood Alpine valley.
Cuddled next to me, my new found love.

Currently working on a short video on the Sierras.     Coming soon...


  1. very cool! yes the high sierras are the most amazing place, huh? I was lucky enough to spend a whole summer up in the high country of Kings Canyon and Sequoia NP's, as well as many trips to Yosemite and Tuolumne meadows for climbing trips. Some day i want to backpack the Sierra High Route (off-trail parallels the JMT) -- maybe you'll be up for joining me??
    Welcome back to Oz, and look forward to your spring/summer adventures as we transition to fall/winter!

    1. Will, spending a whole summer in the Sierras is a pipe dream :-)
      Thank you for the kind offer of joining you on the Sierra High Route but I certainly would not be up for it: I am not fit enough to schlep a backpack for weeks on end at 11000ft +. These days I am just a "flatlander" sitting on my ass (desk job during the week, sea kayak on week ends).

  2. That really is an incredible shot and sounds like a magical trip with someone special. I imagine you will have way less time for blogging now. Enjoy!

    Cheers from Canada!

  3. That "someone special" should not interfere with my blogging. All will be revealed soon :-)


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