09 March 2012

VIDEO: paddling into the sunset

I am rarely motivated enough to be still paddling when the sun hits the horizon. After a day of kayaking, by mid afternoon I usually pull my boat above high water mark and call it a day.
This time it was different: the clouds were promising a pretty sunset and the waters were calm; I headed out again to soak in the magic light while on the water.

select 720P if you have fast Internet connection
Stika was my company as we visually savored the dramatic sunset that the camera could not fully capture.

PS I have been asked if I am mellowing out in my "old age". I think it's more of a matter of mixing it up and lately I am producing footage for a new series of short videos:
 the "Soft Puppy collection" :-)



  1. "mellow" does not come to mind with that new mo of yours, chopper :)

  2. Is it coz on the back of my PFD it says: “My other ride is a Harley”? :-)

  3. Simply beautiful Damiano. Any day in a kayak is one well spent and I’d only worry about those “Sunday Drives” when you have to have someone else do it for you. Heh, Heh. The scenery and sunset are spectacular.


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