27 March 2012

Profile: Jill Remme_outdoor photographer

I stumbled across Jill's work when she became a follower of GnarlyDog News.
Her profile linked me to her blog site (jillremme.blogspot.com) and I was immediately taken by her images.
I have checked her blog on a regular basis for a while and every time I was really impressed with her work.
Jill possesses an incredible talent that allows her to view the world through the lens of a camera like very few other photographers can: to me, her images convey passion, happiness and love.
I finally approached Jill and asked her a few questions; I wanted to know how she developed that photographic view.
("amber" is GD, "light blue" is Jill)


1) Jill, you photographic work is outstanding. So, how long have you been photographing and what sparked the passion?

I guess all my beautiful tours in nature spark the passion further and further. The love for nature and the movement in a picture to capture the moment….I love coming home and see what is the catch of the day on my camera; it is one of my favorite thing to do. I had my first camera when I was 17, and I still have that old Canon. I think I spent a small fortune to capture images before digital came along.

2) Your work has a very friendly and lovable feeling. Your portraits depict very relaxed faces and the subjects are really pretty. Are they professional models or just friends?

It is mostly friends and family. I really enjoy taking pictures of my children. I have three daughters and one son, two of them are stepchildren :) It's always fun to be with them; so that's perhaps why they look so relaxed.  And now I also have a grandchild;  lucky me!
Occasionally people ask me if I can take their pictures, but I more often say no than yes :)

3) Do you spend some time planning the photographs that you are going to take or is it just candid capturing of moments as they happen in front of the camera? With the portraits, do you have any special technique to put your models at ease or are you just good friends and they feel relaxed?

I have no other technique than: I try to think of the light and movement: I try to catch people as they are in that moment, but it is not always so easy. I rarely or never plan. I get inspired by others and the pictures I see on the Internet and other places. What inspires me most is just being in nature and enjoying it. I also use Photoshop when images aren't captured they way I saw them.
I spend some time trying to think up new ideas and angles but I often feel that I repeat myself. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not.


4) Your images are taken often in very cold places and you seem to love the outdoors a lot. Do you prepare or protect your digital cameras in any special way to make the battery last?

My camera is well tested in bad weather. I use my Canon D 30 mostly indoors and in dry weather, but my Canon G 12 stands up to the weather in the outdoors. There is a lots of rough weather where I live and I've already worn out a Canon G 12. When I bought a new I also bought a waterproof housing since I paddle a lot and I always have a camera ready with me.
I clean my camera almost always after a trip. When the weather is too wet, I use a plastic cover around the camera. If its really shitty weather, I have a bag that I use. If I am in extreme cold as -20C, I hang the camera away from me in the hallway so the lens does not fog up. The contrast from the outside and inside temperature is not good for the lens. I always have with me two camera batteries. The batteries run out quickly when exposed to such cold temperatures, but a little heat from my pocket revitalizes them again.


5) Have you exhibited your work apart from your blog? Do you sell your images?

I have a photo bank called www.moments.no but it is not in use. Have been planning to add my photos there. Where I stored them before was not to sell them but only for safekeeping.
If occasionally somebody wants to purchase pictures of course I say yes. I have no need to display my photos publicly, but if anyone likes them, I'm incredibly happy.
It's always great that someone appreciates what you do, but mostly I do it because I like it so much. It is a fantastic relaxation in my life. Just being in the moment and 100% alive it is something that we should do much more often. If there is too much stress in your life it makes you forget why we are here; Nature is there for a reason :))


6) Lastly: do you travel around the world or do you concentrate to your local environment opportunities?

 I traveled a lot before but after that we got our Samoyed Nansen (big white dog), we have not traveled that much the last 2 years. Now, Nansen is an adult and it is easier to get someone to watch him. So we look forward to being able to travel again more in the future. I love to explore the nature around me. The light out here by the sea change so often that it feels like I see the place for the first time, every time, if you know what I mean.

As a formal professional photographer with academic training I am humbled by Jill's skills and passion.
I appreciate her imagery for the candid representation of her life and environment, love for the outdoors and happiness of being outside. I wish one day to travel to Norway to experience the beauty of that incredible land and possibly meet Jill.


All images: Copyright Jill Remme 2012_used with permission


  1. Hi gnarlydog,
    Thanks for posting this. They're beautiful images from a very talented artist. Wish I had that talent.

  2. Nice pics!!!

  3. Love this! Tears in my eyes :)
    Thank you!!


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