11 March 2012

Photo: Sidesurfing fun

Trying hard to break that Northern Light paddle :-)

Side surfing with NLP_GP

video coming soon


  1. Cool shot. Hardest part I'd imagine is holding your nerve with the surging wave about to hit.

    Tony :-)

  2. On this one, Tony, it was a progressive transition from surfing the wave into a broach where a low brace kept me up for a good while. More on the video...

  3. I'm glad they don't break easy... I just bought one from Tom!

    Although, my loom is off centre by a couple of mil. It sounds trivial but it catches your hands when you slide the paddle through your hands and there seems to be a fair bit of play with the standard loom and the normal loom.

    Did you ever have anything like this with your NLP GPs? Is it a matter of thickening the looms with some substance or something like that?
    The demo one i borrowed from Tom was solid as a rock (... stick?) at the joins.

    1. Steve, of the 5 NLP I have all of them are just so slightly different in the joiner.
      On one there was a tiny misalignment and I took a very small file to smooth out the ridge on the joint.
      I also had one that was a bit wobbly, let's say as much as my Werners after a year of use.
      I smeared a bit of polyurethane goop on the internal section of the loom shaft, let it cure and then reinserted; is has been solid since. If you don't take the paddle apart often you could make that smearing of goop a bit thicker to then kind of assemble the paddle with a bit of force. As it slides together maybe it will shave off the excess goop as it bottoms out.
      Make sure you don't assemble it with the goop still "wet" (uncured) or it will be very hard to pull them apart!
      If however you aren't happy with the paddle, talk to Tom.

    2. Cheers for the advice
      No no, happy with the paddle hence me looking for advice to make it 'firmer'!
      I've shot Tom an email to see what he thinks as well, but this looks like a good potential solution.



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