12 July 2011

VIDEO: winter rolling with Stika

The lower temperatures and settled weather produce clearer water here in Queensland.
The January floods that tainted the waters of Moreton Bay are just a memory and once again rolling in a kayak is a pleasure.

While our cousins down South are dressing up in serious immersion gear for cold water, we are lucky to enjoy seas of 19C where a lightly insulated top is usually enough to keep us warm.
Starring Greg Schwarz, the resident rolling mentor, in his Tahe Greenland dressed in a Reed tuilik.
The paddles are his creations: hollow core, laminated Western red cedar.



  1. Nice video. I enjoy the underwater photos and the calm roller. Great inspiration i clear water.

  2. Nice....
    Camera work is top notch

  3. Beautiful vid Gnarly - a real pleasure to watch. Keep em coming!


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