25 July 2011

Photo: Misty morning

Morning light on river mist_c

A chilly morning paddle, just before sunrise.



  1. Yet another stunning photo. Interesting to see you use a, dare I say it, normal lens? :)


  2. define normal :-)
    Some say it is 50mm equivalent on old school 35mm film cameras (also on DSLR) but I just can't do normal, not when taking pictures, not when paddling. That's why you won't see me with a Euro paddle (or wing) and not use a normal lens.
    For the record it was a 24mm, just not distorted this time :-)

  3. Such a beautiful picture GDawg. Almost feel like I'm there. :)

  4. You sure have the magic touch when it comes to photography, Gnarls. Crisp resolution, great composition, and brilliant color in every shot I've seen. I use a Nikon D70 on land, but wouldn't dare take it on the water. What do you recommend for taking pix from the cockpit of my Nordy?
    Moulton Avery

  5. Thank you Moulton.
    I currently enjoy a super compact camera with a CMOS backlit chip for my on water images in a waterproof case. The so called waterproof cameras just don't cut it when it comes to durability: http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2011/04/gear-camerasfunction-follows-design.html

  6. beautiful photo!

    greetings from south Brazil

    Alberto Blank


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