18 January 2011

Too much water

My city experienced a disaster that some residents thought could not happen again.
In 1974 the city of Brisbane flooded and a dam was built to prevent a similar disaster to occur again. Unfortunately the dam was designed to hold back water from one particular area, not the whole basin of the Brisbane River. On Wednesday 13JAN2011 the level of the river rose to just about the peak of 1974 bringing disaster to areas close to the banks.
flood 2011_6

flood 2011_5

A usually slow flowing river (tidally affected) was suddenly gushing like a mountain torrent.
Brown with silt the strong current was suddenly carrying debris from towns and properties upstream. I have seen an incredible amount of belongings just wiz past me while helping my friends save their home on the banks of the river. Trees, boats, pontoons with boats and barbeques attached, beach balls, kid's toys.
While most of the floating debris ended up in the bay where I often paddle, the silt deposited along the way.
In the following couple of days the water retreated and the mud is now exposed.
muddy walk_c

mud city_c

Coating everything from a light film to feet deep this sticky greasy mess now stinks.
The waters are contaminated with god knows what and paddling anywhere near this disaster area would be out of question.
The shores of the bay are now filthy with floating refuse. Some larger items have been salvaged by crews before they could reach the bay while others have made ground on surrounding beaches. Some will be lost forever.
As much as the disaster impacts humans, the marine life is impacted more so. A clear line between flood waters and salty one can be seen in Moreton Bay. It might take some time before the local waters are once again clean enough to safely kayak in the Moreton Bay.


  1. Greetings, Just wondering about the second picture. Does the signage indicate "caution bicycles when wet"?


  2. good luck to you, stay out of the water!

  3. DC, I am not sure what it is meant to say.
    The yellow square sign is warning drivers of bicycles, but only when wet?

  4. Best wishes from Canada. A tough winter for so many.

  5. I am saddened for you and your countrymen and all those I met when I once visited. I hope the cleanup goes well and life gets back to normal soon.

  6. We saw the flooding on tv, unbelievable how fast and destructive it was. Hope the recovery is successful.Regards


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