10 January 2011

Most eventful moment of 2010

There was a question on the local kayaking forum: Best Moments of 2010?
Gosh, there were so many great paddling moments in 2010.
There were some awsome surfing fun with my partner and other kayaking buddies.
reverse surfing_c
Some great rolling sessions with the selfless ever inspiring brilliant coach Greg Schwarz.
Numerous great kayak sailing and camping outings too.
And then there was the two week self supported remote paddling along the East Australia Coast: what a trip.
ex Cap_31
In reflection I have to say that there have been some great moments for the advancements of my skills and enrichment of my paddling life. More than any other year.
I have concluded that the reason for such an eventful year is the ability to finally actually do what I really want: paddle free. I now realize that the previous year I spent too much time in the constraints of paddling within an environment that was becoming toxic.
The really most memorable moment of 2010 was getting expelled by the Queensland Sea Kayak Club.

Following my whistle blowing, trying to expose a sexual harassment case by an instructor/member of the Club, I had a campaign launched against me, by his friends serving on the committee, to expel me .
At the time I viewed their action as autocratic and despotic.
They managed to dismiss me on unfounded grounds and manipulated* the supposedly democratic vote of dismissal by members of the Club In the end it was actually a relief, but I didn't know it at the time. I was suddenly free from the burden of having to always paddle in conditions that were not advancing my skills, always held back by red tape.

For those men who, sooner or later, are lucky enough to break away from the pack, the most intoxicating moment comes when they cease being bodies in other men's command and find that they control their own time, when they learn their own voice and authority.
- Theodore H. White
Since then my surfing has improved out of sight and so has my rolling.
I now paddle with trusted friends and pass on my knowledge to people that are actively seeking to improve their skills and are willing to share, free of charge.

* procedure of dismassal has been voice recorder and is availiable to the public for review. Please contact me if you wish to listen to the recordings.


  1. Good for you. It is much better to advance in life like a river, going and branching freely, than like a turd, hurtling through a municipal pipeline. But that goes without saying. woof. :-)

  2. A kayak is, by nature, a creature of independence. Sure it can be paddled in a pod of other kayaks but ultimately it is free to go where its paddler wants.

    Encumbering that freedom with the constraints, articles and regulations of a committee and it's herd of members is a sad prospect.

    Did anyone ever see a dolphin, whale or albatross sign up to a club?

  3. I hope 2011 brings you even more of the best of what 2010 did!

  4. Greetings Gnarly, am I in a club? Nope!

    Paddle free.


  5. Gnarly, good to see you paddling free. Small, like-minded, fun loving "tribes" are better than big, bureaucratic, ass-covering organizations.

    My highlight in 2010 was paddling in New Zealand last February. I love it down under and hope to do more travels in NZ, Australia, and maybe Tasmania (I like the name).

  6. Gnarly, you indeed crack me up! Good for you brother. ;)

  7. Big thumb, I know it's an old post but yeah man paddle on and keep up the G DOG NEWS.


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