31 December 2010

End of Year surfing

I wanted to end the year 2010 with a bit of wet fun.
Despite the forecasted 20 knots wind I picked up my kayak and headed for a gentle break that promised some good runs.

The water was extremely dirty from all the recent flooding but the surf was still good.
This year has been exceptionally exciting for my sea kayaking and 2011 is promising to be even better.


  1. May your green mellog get wet often in 2011


  2. SDP, your "profile" always brings a smile.
    This time also in context :-)
    Cheers to the new decade.

  3. As the old song goes, "I love that dirty water!" Nice surf video with a pretty paddle in brown surf. Keep up the videography. It's a treat to watch.

  4. Surely it's illegal to have that much fun on the water Gnarly???? Awesome stuff - and your constantly smiling dial says it all!!


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