03 December 2010

The stick: Aleut and Greenland

black stick roll_1c

coming soon...


  1. looking forward to hearing your GP and Alut comparisons. I have been using a GP exclusively for the past 5 or so years and am intrigued about an Aleut paddle...
    PS, I was using my GP for surfing with my Tahe last wekend and it was great!

  2. Love the mystery of this shot. Vanilla

  3. I thought it was ice in the water at first - then I realised you're in Australia. Great shot as I had to pause a while to understand what I was looking at !

  4. Imprsionante imágen, UNICA, jamás había visto una toma y un ángulo semejante en fotografía kayakera. GRAN FOTO!!!!!!!!!


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