29 November 2010

VIDEO: the little stick that could

select 360p if you have slow internet connection
The locals keep on telling me that my stick ain't no good for much else than show.
I should listen to them.


  1. Hi GnarlyDog,
    Love your vids. Couldn't help but notice this doesn't seem to be your usual stick - it looks more GP than Aleut? I've been using a GP for the past 2 yrs and recently carved an Aleut and it seems to have more bite especially when trying to catch waves to surf,

  2. What a fun video! Thanks. SDP

  3. You are right: in the surf I usually go for the Aleut.
    And I think the same: it seems to bight just a bit more.
    It could be that my Aleut has a slightly wider blade or maybe because I don't have to be precise with my canting (Aleut doesn't seem to need it).
    In the heat of the battle I think Aleut is still my stick of choice for rough water.
    I am getting a bit better with the GP though.

  4. Muy buenos viedeos como siempre.
    Saludos desde Argentina.

  5. Who let Ivan Milat out on day release to go paddling?? Nice camera angle Chopper. Please shave off the mouzzie before you scare somebody.....

  6. Mark, I have been terrorizing the 'hood for the last month. Tomorrow is my last day with the mo.
    It's all in the name of charity: www.movember.com

  7. Hello Damiano! Very good video, fantastic angle! Can you tell us how and where install the camera? I'm learning how to make my own videos, so You are a reference to me, thanks! Normally I use a Contour HD (VholdR), what do you use? Thanks! Greetings from South of Brazil!

  8. Leonardo, the camera is mounted on the rear deck with a custom made mount that is the result of years of trial and error.
    Some deck modifications are required to get that angle.
    There are commercial mounts available to achieve a similar result.
    I am sure you will see copies of this style in the future.

  9. Gnarly! That was ROCKIN'!! I bow down to you as Australia's best paddling video creator - awesome stuff! :)

  10. FP, way too flattering...
    My head now won't fit through Gnarlydog Headquarters' door :-)

  11. Love the work: Camera, kayak, and stick!!!

  12. Gnarly! I posted this via the FP Facebook page and it got picked up by the lads at Playak and re-run via their Facebook page..... which means if they hadn't run it via the Playak network previously, they would be running it now! See.. told you it was bloody good!! :)

  13. Thanks FP.
    I don't do Facebook so I can't have a look there.
    It is also currenlty playing at Kokatat.
    Surprisingly this little video is more popular than I expected: my surfing is rather lame...


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