08 November 2010

Technique: Vegemite roll

Kayak rolling can be a very serious matter.
Competition rolling has very strict rules and events are held around the world to crown the rolling champions.
Our little group of dedicated kayakers is lucky to have a highly skilled mentor who selflessly offers us his help to improve our skills even if we might never get to compete.
He practices yoga daily to keep his body supple and trains rolling several times a week.
Every time I meet up with him he shows me a new way to roll his kayak.
Most of his rolls are internationally recognised official Greenland style rolls used in competitions.
Lately he has been working on a roll all of his own that would make Australians proud: the Vegemite roll.

This roll complements the growing repertoir of Australian rolls that now inlcude the Magnum and the Thong roll.


  1. Oh that is pure gold m8.... pure gold!

  2. Love it!! That is inspirational!

  3. Lesley, you are adept at rolling. Have you been working on any Scottish rolls?

  4. Not bad... Although I would have been more impressed with a pavlova roll.

  5. Vegemite. Hate that stuff. Tried it in Afghanistan when a Australian guy introduced it. How can you get that product down the drain? And who was the first to try? It must have been under or right after a drinking competition. Only the Sweedish Surströming (rotten fish) is worse. :-)

  6. Thomas, admittedly it took me 10 years to get used to the stuff: it's an acquired taste :-)
    Must try Surstroming one day...


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