10 June 2009

freeze or thaw: a different point of view

Here Downunder we have fallen into the depths of winter while the northern hemisphere has now their summer.
This perception of summer and winter however is very relative.
Surely temperatures have changed and possibly the weather has turned but what might be winter to one person it could mean a heat wave to somebody else.
Lately I have noticed a marked decrease of paddling activity in my area.
We have officially entered winter but with water temperatures of 23C and air of 27C degrees I have a hard time considering that real winter.
Some paddlers around the world can only dream of conditions like our winter.
Obviously some might feel the cold more than others but you can’t expect to be paddling year round just in a T-shirt!
All that is really needed is a light spray jacket or the brilliant clothing from
Reed to “battle” our harsh winter.
Look at what some folks consider summer:

used with permission; photo Stan McKenzie
You should see what conditions they paddle in, in their real winter.
I have great respect for those kayakers.
Interestingly enough harsh environments usually will produce much tougher characters.
To my local hibernating paddling community I would like to say: get some cement (or better gear) and toughen up :-)


  1. Hey Gnarly,
    maybe some of us are enjoying other activities that are great to do in the colder weather like mountain biking ;-) Out there before dawn, 5deg and loving it.

    Kayaking is great, but so are many other things. See you in the dirt some time :-)

  2. Gaza, too true.
    I used to wait for "winter" to mtb and bushwalk (too hot in summer) but these days seakayaking has a stronger pull than the other activities.
    Now, if there were any snow covered peaks within reasonable driving distance that could change...
    I'll remember to layer up on next Saturday's paddle though: 5C is nippy even for me :-)


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