09 June 2009

destination: Sweden

I took the opportunity of the long week end to undertake a paddle a bit longer than just an overnighter.
I realize that I have a great place to paddle here in Moreton Bay and that the weather is so incredibly benign all year round.
But often I long for something different.
After all isn't variety the spice of life?
While browsing flickr for inspiration (photographically and as destination ideas) a while ago I came across
Erik's site.
He lives in Sweden and kayaks year round.
His images have been a great inspiration to me.
I admire his photographic skills (I do ignore his iPhone uploads: they are not good) but I love the images where he obviously has spent some time creating.

published under creative commons license from Eriksjo
Just looking at this scene I long to travel to Sweden (and not just to meet the Swedish Bikini Team :-).
Considering that probably the sun never sets this time of year and that there are thousand of islands to explore and camp I am surprised that Sweden is not considered a mainstream paddling destination.
Could it be that the living standard is so high that most other's countries currency exchange rate would make it rather expensive to travel there or maybe the locals want to keep a low profile on their secret paddling paradise.
If I only had that
folding kayak that I have been eyeing for some time...

PS I checked my letterbox today and in the freshly delivered Ocean Paddler magazine there is an outstanding pictorial article on Sweden.


  1. It's a great photo! But just to make sure you get the right flight tickets, it is Norway you're longing for - heh! Having paddled in the same area myself last summer, I'll venture to say that the distant island is Træna on the Helgeland coast (Northern Norway). Helgeland really is a paradise for sea kayakers, with its literally 10,000 islands scattered over a fairly concentrated area.

  2. Erling, thanx for the clarifications, or I would be stuck with the Swedish bikini team and nowhere to paddle :-)
    Seriously, before (and if) I get any tickets I will do my homework and suss out the details.
    Since Erik (the photographer) is from Sweden I assumed the location of the pic was too.

  3. Erling is right. The picture is from Norway. And in about three week whe will be paddling in that area again.


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