03 February 2014

Photo: warp speed

Not really "warp speed" but faster than I could ever possibly achieve under my own paddle power.
Gusting on 20 knots ripping it up with a 0.8 Flat Earth sail.

warp speed_1
using a Northern Light Greenland paddle in a Johan Wirsen design PT65North XP


  1. Ciao Damiano, what is your experience using a sail with a kayak having a deep Vee keel like the XP? Is there a significant difference with more rounded keels? Ciao

    1. Alessandro, I don't notice a huge difference between the XP and other kayaks with rounder hulls that I have. The difference that I notice while sailing is that on the XP the deeper V seems to let me sail upwind better than a flat/round bottomed kayak.
      I can point my XP into the wind at 45 degrees and see less drift: it makes tacking almost feasible ( I would be still faster just directly paddling into the wind). The downside is that I find the XP more tippy than a flat bottom kayak and I have to be a little careful when deploying my sail; once underway however things become more stable ( I like to compare it to riding a bicycle).
      The advantage I experience with the XP is that it has a higher top speed over my shorter less efficient British kayaks.


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