24 January 2013

VIDEO: Bumping around in waves

I found myself getting tossed around more than usual in those short dumpy waves.
It has been a while since I paddled Green-Piece, the quirky little lime green Currituck from Impex.
Yes, it felt little compared to my other kayaks and with my hefty weight it does not suit me as multi-day tripping boat (I think I am at the load capacity limit). I find that boat quite nimble and I seem to be able to turn it faster than other hard tracking kayaks.
I wanted to take it surfing and find out what it can do for me.

select HD for a superior viewing experience

I noticed the bow getting pushed under the surface faster than my other larger kayaks and occasionally it would pitch and broach; I think a lighter person will find it more forgiving.
Reverse surfing made me spin quicker than in my Zegul and I had find again the balance point before it would tip over.
It was refreshing to be paddling a kayak that I have neglected for a while thinking that it just was not suited for me.
It gets to show what a difference a few years make and with new skills what fun I can have in a kayak that I find boring otherwise when flat water paddling.


  1. Wow, too bad the select HD part is chopped off of the right hand side. Really great work!

    1. Try to click on the "vimeo" icon and view it not embedded in this blog but on the Vimeo website

    2. unless you might be viewing it on a small monitor (laptop or mobile device). Most of my videos are intended to be viewed on wide screen 1680x1050 or above.

  2. WOW! How did you get the camera to circle you for 360 degrees?


  3. Ya know Tim, I was wondering about that myself. Pretty nifty!

    Tony :-)

  4. Hahahaha, great fun GDawg! Love that last drop, that's a wild feeling when you flatten out on the back deck , looking from up high down to the water, trying to the bring the nose up out the water.... I know the feeling well! As always dude, very enjoyable vid. Cheers, FP

  5. It could be interesting to have a post on your camera setup. I have noticed more extended views but no visible extension, as well as the 360 pan.

  6. Yes, I've been wracking my brain to come up with a way to do your 360 pan action shot from over your head. I can figure you're using a helmet mounted extension and a motor. But I can't find a quick panning motor anywhere! Please share, Gnarlydog.

    1. bartc and others, at this stage I would like not to disclose this tricky footage concept. Some viewers have figure it out, some are still guessing, however I reserve the right NOT to publicize the details of the mount. It's not rocket science but is not mainstream (yet), so I want to keep it that way just a bit longer :-)


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