01 January 2013

PHOTO: Start of the Year

Somehow the conventional NYE celebrations left me wanting for something a bit more real this year.
On the 1st of January, not having to nurse a headache, I headed to the beach instead.
The surf was promising and I was in an unfamiliar kayak.
Not wanting to hold back I decided I was starting 2013 head on.

Start of Year_c
New Year's resolution: more of this :-)



  1. OK, who was in the helicopter *lol* taking this shot? That's about the only way I can see getting it. Super picture!

    Happy New Year and safe paddling.

    Tony :-)

    1. I have been working my "trained seagulls" overtime: no rest day even on the first of the year :-)

  2. Great shot, wonderful water and a lot of joy! - thanks for sharing!

  3. Another excellent photo Damiano thanks for posting it, our NYD paddle was somewhat tamer and cooler than yours - drysuits and pogies but great all the same, good company, wonderful scenery here in Cornwall UK, a close encounter with a razorbill and sunshine too. Here's to another year afloat, Cheers, Jeremy.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy new year Gnarly:)))

  5. looks like fun - Happy New Year

  6. Awesome pic! Happy New Year to you. Trained sea gulls, what a great idea! I'm freezing my "you know what off" in Canada, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in way minus temps!


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