22 June 2012

VIDEO: having fun at dawn patrol

This guy knows how to have fun!

Embracing temperatures that I would consider rather cold for wet fun, Fat Paddler is happy to get out of bed when is still dark and line up at the beach for first light with his surfski.
I rarely have the opportunity to be on the water when the sun rises (OK it did happened once and it was just on freezing) but to then be chasing the “green room”?

Fat Paddler recommends full screen and full blast sound
I have never been know for raising early but given this prospect I could be talked into it  :-)
Fat Paddler has been exploring the waterways of Sydney Harbour and beyond for the last couple of years.
He doesn't discriminate between canoes, sea kayaks, white water or skinny surfski: he loves it all.
Occasionally he even grabs a skinny paddle to mix it up.
Chasing no records and ruled by no governing body his love for the water is infectious.

More stories of his aquatic journeys at Fat Paddler website.

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