12 June 2012

VIDEO: first time with Flat Earth sails

If you have never kayak sailed you don't know what you are missing out.
While sails on sea kayaks are rather popular in Australia, they are not as common in other countries.
USA and Great Britain have recently been introduced to Flat Earth Sails but my Swedish friend assured me that it has never seen a sail on a kayak in Scandinavia
Beside designing brilliant sea kayaks, Johan also designs, builds and sails small sailing boats so sailing a sea kayak was a must-do while on a visit to Australia.

select HD if you have high speed Internet connection
I don't think words are necessary to describe the feeling of gliding along the sea under just wind power.
What is surprising tho is the immediate know-how that Johan displayed when sailing with a Flat Earth kayak sail for the first time: the sails are simple, easy to manage and forgiving in a lumpy sea.
While sea kayak sailing is not strictly sea kayaking and some people frown upon its use when "records" or "firsts" are claimed, I regard them as an integral part of the fun that I can have on the water.
As long as it doesn't have a motor it's all good to me :-)



  1. Haven at eart!!! put a big smile on my face!!
    This look really fantastic:))

    Take care U:))

  2. - Great Fun and a good experiense!!!
    - Got my 2 first Flat Earth Sails delivered today!!!So now I know what to do for the weekend!!
    Johan wirsén


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