13 February 2012

VIDEO: Shoreplay

With a few daylight hours left I paddled to one of my favorite places away from the crowds.
The waves were only small and hardly challenging but there was fun to be had playing close to the shore.

select HD if you have fast Internet connection
The volume on a Swede-form kayak is concentrated more to the rear giving it an increased tendency of broaching in following seas. I am now aware of this trait and I find my hard chined hard tracking kayak easy to backsurf.
I think of it as a Fish-form hull designed to go in reverse :-)

Kayak: Zegul520, paddle: Northern Light Greenland

PS you have seen this camera angle here first; copycats will follow :-)



  1. Greetings Gnarly, that's another really great video, thank you! :o)

    Sorry to disappoint your (tongue in cheek, I am sure) comment about the camera angle though. :o)

    It was used by the BBC in the 1970's. The clip was shot with a 16mm cine camera on a boom in a BBC video documentary about kayaking down Loch Sheil then into Loch Moidart and round Ardnamurchan Point. It featured a friend of my regular paddling friend, David. His name was Jock Young. The film was broadcast in the UK in 1976. There is a short clip of Jock in a home made SoF kayak, getting tossed in the air by a big wave off Ardnamurchan here.

    It was again used by BBC Scotland in February 2010 using a GoPro HD on a boom in the documentary of Fred McAuley's winter kayak for charity across Scotland through the Great Glen.

    The BBC used it again with GoPro HDBBC in the documentary about Helen Skelton's 2000 mile kayak down the Amazon.

    The same viewpoint was also used by Hamish Gow in a 16mm cine film he shot in about 1964 while kayaking in the Hebrides. It was shown at the Stornoway storm gathering in 2007. Simon Willis has also included some other Hamish Gow 16mm footage of paddling out to St Kilda in the Seakayaking with Gordon Brown DVD V2. It's worth watching.

    I also used it with an early GoPro wide in April 2009 (using a motorsport sucker and a boom) but as the video quality of that camera was so poor, I was just using it to shoot sequential stills.

    I guess there is not much new under the sun!

    Cheers from Scotland :o)

    1. Douglas, I have no doubts that the camera angle that I used wasn’t totally innovative and there would be very little that BBC (or Hollywood) has not covered yet. I have not seen the videos that you are referring to (especially the 1976 one… I didn’t even know what a camera was then :-) ). As humble amateur one-man-band it is hard to envision something that a multi million budget operation has not done yet, I however personally have not seen any other footage with that angle on a sea kayak. As you say: there is not much new under the sun.
      Yes, it is tongue in cheek but it refers to the regular copycat movies (and photographs) that usually appear a few months later on various kayak blogs (local and international) of Gnarlydog News followers.
      From Electric Bilge Pumps with the magnetic switch (now claimed to be patent pending) to images on the back of Sea Kayaker Magazine there are claims to innovation where the authors clearly copied my posts and claimed it to be their own ones (in one case I even emailed the author on how capture the image that later was published in a high profile paddling magazine).
      As for my mount on the bow of the kayak? Yep, got that idea from one of the GoPro videos, not sea kayaking thou.

  2. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others_Ayn Rand

    both produced a nice shot that benefited the kayaking community.


    1. where did that Mo and Haircut come from?

    2. the haircut is a "dry run" for "Worlds Greatest Shave" happening in March.
      The Mo is a leftover of the previous Movember: it kind of grew on me and it was so popular with the girls that I just couldn't shave it off ;-)
      Might have second thoughts about the Worlds Greatest Shave: if the MO is indication it could happen that I just keep myself bald after the event... maybe not a good idea.

  3. Dear Gnarlydog

    Your claims of being a humble man and also the thought leader responsible for the true origin of any of the concepts reported on the net continues to amuse me. Do we now live in an age where the web is the source of all knowledge?

    The Reader

    1. Dear “Anonymous Reader”, I understand that your nose is still out of joint since my post of Fail sail set up back in August.
      When I say humble, it is in comparison to the moguls of BBC.
      As far as innovations, well it’s up to you, great inventor, to share with us your work.
      Most of the stuff depicted on GnarlyDog News is not unique or a first, I just bother making it public documenting it instead of just talking about it in closed circles.
      Occasionally there are things that my readers (including you) have not seen before, yes, on the Internet.
      I know you are old school and have published many books (not) where the true knowledge reigns, but I kind of have grown tired of your anonymous rants.
      Look, I know who you are; I just want to spare you the public embarrassment of naming you.
      As for the future, unless you identify yourself, don’t bother submitting comments coz I won’t publish them.
      You want a fight? go and pick somebody else.
      Constructive comments will always be welcome thou.

  4. As soon as I can work out how to get that damn angle and build an appropriate camera mount I'm DEFINITELY going to copy you! As always, great stuff G-Dawg. :)

  5. oh I like that soundtrack, what piece of music is it?

    1. right there at 2:57 (at the end of the video) it says: "....music... Arabica by Paio"


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