06 February 2012

VIDEO: Stika's 60 brick rolls

To celebrate a major milestone in his life Stika wanted to perfect his brick roll.
One of Stika's passions is Greenland style rolling and he has slowly been chipping away at the apparent endless list of rolls one can do in a kayak.
While there are some of his own invention (like the Vegemite roll and the rest can be seen here) the brick roll seems to be a particularly tricky one: an 8lbs. brick is held in the hand while rolling the kayak back up.
I believe the "sanctioned" weight seems to be 8Kg, but where Greg was being short on heft he made up in frequency.
One brick roll for each year he was celebrating plus one for good luck, of course.

There were moments of panic where the brick slipped out of his hand and plunged to the bottom of the sea.
Luckily the brick was found again and the rolls could continue.
Adventuretess performed her overdue birthday rolls too (paddle in hand), all of them plus one. We won't mention how many since it's not polite to tell a lady's age :-)



  1. Congratulations to Stika - just got to show those youngsters out there that 60 is only really the new 40! Last year I did my 65 (with a paddle though) and I swore that was enough. This Birthday I only did one; which I then added to last years total to make 66; (who was it said "old age and cunning will always triumph over youth and enthusiasm"). Congratulation also to Tess for her completing her celebratory 21 rolls.

  2. Owen, the unofficial rules for birthday rolls says: one roll for every year celebrated, up to year 50. Any kayaker older that 50 should deduct one roll for every year thereafter. You went beyond your "duty" :-)

  3. I never doubted you for a minute Gnarly,, well done bloke,, Nifty


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