13 December 2011

GEAR: the invisible paddle.

The latest development in superlight paddles has lead to thin incredible pinnacle of engineering: the Invisible paddle.
Strictly designed for Greenland style rolling it is aimed to the advanced kayaker.
Beginners will find this paddle way too light, unsupportive and downright too difficult to use.

Expert paddlers however will cherish the flexibility that this laminated paddle (according to Helen Wilson) offers. It is also one of the lightest and most compact paddles for air travel.
I am sorry Paul, but your Northern Light paddles have met their match :-)



  1. Who do you think made the invisible paddle? :)

  2. Oh, I believe it's a custom job and top secret technology: they don't want the competition to get the hands on the "lamination" process :-)

  3. Loved how easy it made the "spine" roll work.

  4. I NEED one of those paddles !


  5. Just have to work on the invisible boat to match and I’ll be watching for that. Helen’s seamless interaction with water is always a pleasure to look upon.Tremendous skill nonetheless. Another excellent post Gnarly.


  6. I want one too, but I don't think I have been nice enough this year for Santa to bring me one :-)
    Then again I am not good enough to use one...
    Experts only.

  7. That's an absolute riot, Gnarls! As always, Helen astounds. Interesting how an expert makes it look relatively easy....
    Moulton Avery

  8. Hmmmm. I think the blade angle may have been just a tad off on that first roll ;-)


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