08 June 2011

VIDEO: Capricornia Coast_part2

A rocky coast it's like a magnet for me: I'm drawn to it.
There are few things more exciting than paddling in a sea that is surging against the rocks. Obviously when on a trip far away from home and help (and repair facilities) I usually take it easy and try to keep a healthy distance to avoid even the mild chance of holing my kayak.

select 720P if you have fast Internet connection

To see part 1 of the trip click here



  1. Love, love, love, love it! Rocks rule, and I loved that wash-over at 2:36! Brilliant stuff G-Dawg, one of my most favourite of your vids to date. :)

    Cheers! - FP

  2. Love the video and love the tunes. Thought I saw some paddling gloves; was it a mirage?

  3. Moulton, you busted us: we are a bunch of pansies :-)
    The other reason we wear gloves is coz the Queensland sun fries our skins. No bikinis, no short sleeve shirts and always a hat when paddling. It's hard to keep sunscreen on the hands so we wear gloves to minimize the risk of skin cancer (the flip side to the beautiful sunny Queensland conditions).

  4. Reason I asked is I'm tired of putting duct tape over the base of my right thumb - can't seem to shake this blister that wants to take up permanent residence. Must be the candy-ass, pansy death grip I have on the paddle...

  5. Oh, that too.
    Of course I use gloves also to keep my girly hands soft (I am a button pusher these days):-)
    Sailing gloves with thumb and index finger cut-off seem to be the best for me.
    Make sure there are no rough seams right on the thumb area. On one occasion I had to "flatten" (with a hammer against a hard surface) the seams of new gloves.


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