14 June 2011

Photo: Norsaqs on the washing line

Norsaqs drying_c
Norsaqs (rolling sticks) drying on the line after oiling.
Regarded as utterly useless by the "high and hard" (wing paddle) paddling brigade, the Norsaq is a perfect transition tool to learn hand rolling the kayak.
This fine collection of laminated wood Norsaqs is drying on the washing line. Several coats of boiled linseed oil and much polishing will be required before the wood will be silky smooth.
A real practical piece of art that will grace the kayak deck of a connoisseur.


  1. Wow! They are truly stunning

  2. Beautiful work. An I love norsaqs, I have a growing collection, 5 so far.

  3. Yer'all a bunch of Gippies, that's what I'm sayin'...

    I suggest we ask the Urban Dictionary to add a fifth definition (check the existing four) to the Gippie word: Greenland Paddle addict.

    Great norsaqs!

  4. GillCat, I hope you are not referring to the 1st definition and there is already a 5th one, that I would be comfortable with.
    Maybe the 6th one could include the Greenland Paddle addict :-)

  5. Oops, hadn't seen the 5th one - small screen, forgot to scroll, damn! I'd be comfortable with it too.
    Regarding the 1st, well, I don't favor patchouli either. I wasn't referring to it, indeed.
    "Seaxual" orientation is a private matter which I respect, however. People are free to do what they want with their own stick, right?
    (Sorry for all the cheap puns, I just can't help it sometimes).

  6. High & Harder's Question:
    Oh, those foolish Inuit. What do they know about kayaking anyway?

    Qajaq Lover's Answer:
    Oh, I dunno, with thousands of years to refine their designs and technique, they might know a thing or two....

    Just a thought.


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