25 May 2009

SHOP: eye candy

Have you ever been to a motorshow?
I have not since cars are not my thing, but I know that some folks are bent on nice cars.
So bent that they like to customize them.
For whatever reason (sometimes to improve performance, other times to improve looks and occasionally just to stand out of the crowd) there is on display work that makes a car lover just drool over.
Meet Greg Schwarz.
He loves kayaks.
He does to kayaks what people to do to cars.

Retired boat builder he has traded his sailing boat for a kayaks (he got some spare change out of it... :-)
His love is for British style boats; small ones.
Well, Greg Schwarz's work is simply worthy of admiration.
He can fabricate out of epoxy, glass and carbon items that are just out of this world.
His work is impeccable and often innovative.
The latest work is his Nordkapp LV's coaming.

The standard coaming has been modified just slightly and covered with carbon cloth.

Nothing is more (technoporn) sexy than clear coated carbon.
The finish is so pefectly smooth and shiny.
A real pleasure to look at.

Just for the record: it took Greg 3 weeks to create this coaming.


  1. sent in via email:

    It is a beautiful sunny day here in Central Scotland, but last night brought the first of the heavy ground frosts and as a quick pick me up, I have just had a quick visit to Gnarlydog News to view some totally different conditions. So a big thank you for all your sterling work.
    I really enjoy the insight into your different conditions, and the practical articles a great mixture.
    Loved Greg Schwarz's work on Nordkapp LV coaming, as an old colleague of mine used to say " a thing of beauty, a joy for ever ", if you could persuade him to give more details of how he did it it would be much appreciated.
    Once again many thanks and keep up the good work.

    Doug Mills

  2. Gnarly

    Greg Schwartz's cockpit coaming demonstrates much skill.

    As with the request above, is there any more information available on how he formed and fabricated this coaming, please?

    Regards etc
    Amateur kayak builder

  3. Guys, I don't think there are any secrets on this particular work except that it requires talent and great skill to pull off such a neat job.
    From memory Greg did document the process and he ripped out the coaming and modified it and re-bonded it to the deck. A lot of work (coating and sanding) to get that carbon looking just so perfect. He also saved a bit of weight by removing a bunch of bog that was doing nothing…


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