05 May 2009

Can your kayak take this?

photo by: akasharkbow (used under Creative Commons license)

I am not sure that all kayaks can take this.

While most of us probably will never have anybody dancing on the deck of the kayak consider if your deck is strong enough to accept the weight of a fully loaded kayak in a rescue situation.

Too often I see decks of kayaks that are just a little bit on the light side being the consequence of the endless pursuit of a light craft.

And soon the spider cracks and the split seam appear...

1 comment:

  1. Hey there. So glad that you used one of my photos. That was a really fun event though it's funny that you mention spider cracks as one of my friends discovered one right after this little activity. At least they were a quick fix.

    I saw this when you posted but forgot to post a comment until today!


    David Johnston


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