02 December 2014

Photo: foreshore sunsets

For too long I have not been holding a serious camera in my hands.
Engrossed by the brilliant results of my GoPros and the incredible capabilities of my other compact point-and-shoot, I have lost interest in cameras that allow more creativity than just full-automatic settings.
I used to schlep a Hasselblad around and then suddenly go sick of the heft: small or nothing was my new motto.
I secretly lusted over a DSLR but not over its bulk.
Then my eye caught the Micro Four Thirds line up of cameras.
I am now on my second one in six months and in love again with taking pictures that little compact cameras could not.

Bribie foreshore_2c_c
undistorted wide angle

Spinifex on shore_2_c
selective shallow depth of field

Bribie foreshore_1_c
dynamic close-up 

Narrow field of view and selective focus is something that GoPro can't do.
Not to mention long exposures and the ability to capture scenes out of the ordinary

Jelly fish_3_c

While I will continue with my compact camera for on-water images, as I see little point of having a bulky camera tucked below deck and miss the action, I am now spending more time on shore trying to capture the fleeting moments of the "golden light" with a camera that fosters creativity.

Red Beach sunset_6


  1. Bonitas fotos. Aunque sea de vez en cuando siempre se agradecen unas fotos de carácter profesional, si tienes la cámara, claro. Lo que pasa que sí es engorroso llevar este tipo de cámaras en el kayak. De todas formas las que haces con cámaras compactas no están nada mal, eh.

    1. I could use a waterproof hard case for on water images but I don't like the bulk. Generally most images taken from the kayak don't require precise focusing/composition.

      Google translate:
      Me vendría bien un estuche rígido impermeable para en las imágenes de agua, pero no me gusta el grueso. Generalmente la mayoría de las imágenes tomadas desde el kayak no requieren un enfoque preciso / composición.

  2. Really nice images Damiano. Let's see some pictures of those magical lager waves

    I'm also enjoying the Zegul 520.

    Have a great Year!


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