12 January 2014

Photo: playing in small waves

The sea conditions lately have been rather calm and my usual play spots had only small waves.

Low angle_2_c

On the other hand I don't need a dry suit to keep me alive, not even a warm top, just a hat to keep the harsh Queensland sun off my face.


  1. OK, rub it in *lol*. If you find it too warm you can always come here for a cool down!

    1. Tony, I would love to come there but I am planning another longer trip this summer (yours) and can only take so much time off from work.
      You, on the other hand, if you ever feel a bit too cold, I would be glad to host you here in Queensland. I have a couple of spare kayaks for you too...

  2. Thanks for the kind offer. Australia may be on my radar but it may be a longer term thing. For now I'll enjoy your area of the world thru your blog.

    Tony :-)


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