16 November 2013

Video: Neptun Kajakk

Every so often I come across a kayaking video that leaves me speechless.
And this is one of them:

Norway - Jæren from Roald Holm on Vimeo.

Worth watching in High Definition and full screen, not on a mobile device..



  1. Awesome! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Nice. You make some good videos yourself! One of my favorites is 'Tidal Race with Zegul 520'. I was wondering, what are your current feelings the Zegul 520, now that you've had it a long time and gained a great deal of experience? I've been paddling only a Tahe Greenland for almost 3 years and I'm getting the itch for some variety.

    1. the Zegul520 is my favourite kayak for skill learning: it's more tippy than other kayaks I have, it has a low rear deck so I can improve my rolling and it's a hard chine boat that when edged responds when turning at speed. It is however slightly too small (not enough free board) for my weight and noticeably I tend to stall a bit when starting surfing on the crest of a wave. Johan Wirsen designs incredible kayaks and I love how they feel (I just purchased another kayak of his design and I am learning how to use it). If you find the Greenland a kayak that you like maybe you should wait a bit for Johan to release some new designs under his own brand REBEL Kayaks; he currently offers the Greenland and the Greenland T in a very high end composite (super stiff and light, unlike the versions from Tahe Marine) with an updated deck.
      He plans to release a higher volume play-boat for dynamic waters soon.

  3. Thanks for your kind words!

    We have found great pleasure in exploring areas like these, and, being in Norway we cannot really wait for calm seas and nice weather. I believe we had summer on a Wednesday this year... :-)

    We regularly post videos and images on either our webpage www.neptunkajakk.no or you can search us up as Neptun Kajakk on Facebook. We also have a facebook group specifically for "Surfin' and Rockin'" called "Surf og Brott i kajakk - Sørvest" if this is of interest.

    Hope to see you in Norway sometimes!


    Roald, Atle and Michael,
    Neptun Kajakk


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