10 July 2013

Photos: autumn paddling in Queensland

Blessed with windy conditions I have been sea kayak sailing in the last couple of months.
As the forecast has been calling for unfavourable conditions for the motorized crowd, quite often I would find the bay very quiet.
Gone are the pesky jet skiers and only sailing boats find the choppy waters to their liking.

Sailing Mockpool_c

Bribie Passage sailing_c

But not all forecasts have been accurate and often the conditions were mild.
There have been days that my sails have been stowed on deck and the cleared colder waters of autumn have created mirror like conditions.

Liquid silver_c

As the sun has been setting early I would often be still on the water to enjoy the last light of the day.

Bribie Passage sunset_c

Bribie Sunset_1



  1. Nice Photos, I really liked the third one, with mirror like condition. Lucky you.

  2. Nice photo's. The red kayak looks to have nice clean lines, can you tell me who makes this kayak and what the model is? Thanks

    1. Red kayak (in profile) is a Greenland style kayak designed by Johan Wirsen from Sweden and manufactured under license by Tahe Marine: it is a Zegul 520 HV.

  3. The last picture...............well well why was not I there :))

    1. Jill, the offer still stands: come and visit me and I will take a picture of you :-)


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