11 June 2013

Photo: friends in the Circus

To shelter from the wind as evening light was fading we all bunched up in the Circus tent.
The little fire-in-a-can offered no real heat but warmed our hearts as dinner was cooking on our little camp stoves.

Friends in the circus_2_c

The joy of sharing the evening with good friends listening to each others stories is one of my great pleasures in life.
As the cold weather brings people closer together, winter camping has often created the best times for me.

Friends in the circus_c


  1. Short! Sweet! Love the pics! They made me smile too, chuckle, and reminisce myself. Thanks! It's nice pick-me-up on a rainy day in Canada.

  2. The last picture tell`s it all! Love it!!

  3. I like your circus tent, but the link does not work. It reminds me of the tentipi but looks a lot lighter

    1. Steve, thank you for letting me know. Black Diamond must have updates their website (and the link to their product pages) soon after I published this article; fixed now.


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