26 March 2013

VIDEO: R&R short movie winner

The short film entries to the Rock&Roll competition were of a high standard.
The New South Wales Club hosts a yearly sea kayak symposium that attracts paddling talents from around Australia and invites international guests to run clinics.
This year a large number of the short movies presented were focused on high skills (and thrills) of paddling dynamic waters, often in big seas meeting cliffy shoreline.
I enjoyed the bravado captured on camera displayed by the local talent: the videos were highly entertaining and inspiring.
And then there were Vincent's entries.
He presented two movies that immediately transported me to his unique world of paddling. There was a magic feeling when I watched his skilfully edited footage; something about the soft evening light combined with soothing music.

select HD if you have fast Internet connection and allow the movie to load before viewing

I love the understatement that the music brings to his high action scenes; it is an approach to movie making out of the ordinary. The surfing action excites me while the music wants to calm me; it stirs conflicting emotions in me that at the end, at the closing scene, leave with a smile wanting to paddle those waves.
I asked Vincent what does kayaking mean to him:
It feels wonderful out on the water in a sea kayak, especially in the low light of early morning or late evening.
I usually don’t travel too far to paddle, and am lucky enough to live 12 minutes drive, from my nearest surf beach or lakes in a relatively undeveloped National Park.
I love the durability of my plastic sea kayak because it magically gets attracted to rocks and sand banks.
After snapping a couple of other paddles, I’m now really happy with the strength of my one piece carbon Greenland paddle.
For me, finding out ‘what rings your bells’ as a paddler is part of the pleasure of kayaking.
The most important thing is that you are out on the water, having fun.
"Dedicated to the independent paddlers that think outside the box willing to try new things and embrace diversity; to the kayakers that like to dance to the tune of their own music."

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  1. Congrats to Vince for winning the 1st prize and hats off to you Damiano for promoting a friendly competition between video makers.

    It would be good to see a category for the pros, like you and one for the rest of us boffins.


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