29 December 2012

VIDEO: Still feeling good

 Following the original concept highlighting local paddling, this is the sequel mash-up video of fun on the water in South East Queensland.

select 1080p if you have fast Internet connection

In order of appearance:
Toddy, Stika, Gnarlydog, Adventuretess, Simone, Matt.
Intro footage courtesy of Greg Schwarz.



  1. Great video with nice tight editing :o)

  2. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful... what a inspiring video! I saw it, and saw it, and saw again, admiring the camera angles, the beauty of the landscape, the happy people paddling and having fun. It is like a "End of the Year Gift", thank you very much for sharing!!!

  3. Douglas and Leonardo, thank you for your comments.
    Some of the camera angles are rather tricky and hard to achieve, on a sea kayak.
    Many hours (in some cases days) went into designing, constructing and then eventually capturing the footage; not always successfully. There is still a camera somewhere at the bottom of the sea ... :-(
    At 3:27 is the least "return on investment" mount where I spent two days engineering it and use only 5 seconds of footage.
    And then just much time went into editing.

  4. Tess has the best smile on the east coast.

    1. ah thanks EH
      fun sport, good people, great locations can't help but smile :-)

      happy new year


  5. Great video Damiano, I like it very much!
    Happy new year! Cheers!


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