08 November 2012

Photo: simple camp

As summer is approaching (Southern hemisphere) I know that soon it will be too hot for me to go backpacking: we had temperatures of 30C already.
In my last effort to get a last blast of cold weather I wanted, for a couple of nights, to camp simply.

CandleFire at bivvi_c

I left the sturdy tent at home despite knowing that it might rain and be windy.
It was a welcome challenge to set up my shelter for the night with just a thin sil-nylon tarp in a breezy location. A candle-fire created a cozy feeling even if the flame is too meek to warm me.
The tarp flapped around a bit at night but allowed me to watch the moon play hide-and-seek with the clouds.
It was a rewarding experience to leave behind the comforts of city life, stripping myself of the safety of solid brick walls.
Laying on the ground, with only my face exposed from the sleeping bag, listening to the wind whistling in the trees is an experience 5 star hotels can't buy me.



  1. May I suggest you try using a firebowl, this is something Leave No Trace are advocating in Canada. I am a recent convert to this. Simply light a fire in an metal dollar store bowl about eight inches in diameter stood on a couple of stones, you get light, heat and no scars on the ground, you can even pick it up with your multi-tool and move it.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion; I will keep in mind where I can light fires.
      A lot of Queensland National Parks however DO NOT allow fires (and collection of firewood) but do allow stoves (I know, it sucks). A candle-fire is legally regarded as a stove so I can use it where stoves are allowed.

  2. Greetings Gnarly,
    Too hot to camp??? I wish!


  3. I really love this way of living!!! But ok, it very cold i norway, not sometimes, but very often:)) hehe:)) But we still doing it:))

    1. You latest images of early winter on your blog are great; wish I was there.
      Jill, I love camping in cold weather. On some ski trips, if the night is windless, I occasionally just sleep out in the open.
      Of course a very good sleeping bag is a must :-)


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