17 July 2012

VIDEO: Zipper Zone Futzing

I like it bumpy, always have.
From bicycles pedalled on rocky terrain, motorcycles ridden off road to bushwalking cross country I recognize a passion for the challenging conditions.
Mindless rhythmical power exertion of my body does not interest me and I usually seek locations where skills and balance are more important than muscles. The same goes for sea kayaking: I seek waters that offer a bit of excitement and unpredictability, where I have to use my body and bracing to keep myself upright.

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 My local paddling location is a sheltered bay away from ocean swell and lacking a rocky coastline I don’t have anywhere to practice my balancing skills in clapotis rebound. Moreton Bay however has a decent tidal flow with 6-7 feet of height variation at spring tides creating shifting banks of sand a few miles from the shore. Power boaters avoid the area and take a different route to travel to the big sandy Moreton Island. I instead seek those locations where tidal flow, residual ocean swell and small wind waves, from the opposite direction, meet over shallow waters of sand banks. The opposing forces of the two waves collide and at the right moment peak high with a great splash. With the confidence offered by the Northern Light Greenland paddle, I play in the area hoping to get caught in the very spot of collision to get tossed high in the air.



  1. Great vid Gnarly, looks like lots of fun in the lumps and froth. Top work!

  2. Ditto, I agree with you all the way, there`s no place like wild water, zippers and side waves its all great fun, much better than flat water paddling. Great video. thanks

  3. What a fun video. I love how you laugh at all the stuff the water throws at you and you're truly having a great time. Waves crashing over the deck is a nice feeling when you don't get dumped out. I wish I had your skills and confidence. I have to play in littler stuff so it's great to watch you in the bigger stuff!

    Cheers from Canada!

    1. BP, it's not how big it is, it's how much fun you have...
      To some the waves in the video are pathetically small (and probably they are) but the fun factor is assured.
      Of course I started with even smaller waves and I used to get giddy then but as my skills progressed I moved to more challenging conditions to get the same feeling.
      Nobody is counting on how big it must be to have fun; fun comes from within.
      Fun, unlike speed, can not be measured and it’s an individual thing destined to remain unharnessed.

  4. Greetings from California, Cannot agree more with your comments about fun. Being on the water is my bliss. I get my thrills on the occasional class II rapid, but sure enjoy watching your adventures!



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