24 January 2012

VIDEO: Rollabout

A short video on Greenland rolling in South-East Queensland starring Stika and Toddy.

This video is under license from Geggamoja Industries

Camera and rolling: Greg and Moira Schwarz (additional footage by Tess Dodd)
Paddles: Greg Schwarz custom laminated hollow-core Western Red Cedar



  1. Gnarly, I cant see the video

  2. Vimeo does that sometimes. It happens when too many readers are trying to access the video at the same time. Also occasionally Vimeo vids don't play well on some browser. If you can see the Vimeo icon in the right bottom corner, right click and open it in a new window. If it is all white, try to view it later, after the "lunch hour rush"

  3. Nice video, nice rolling

    Geggamoja Industries - love the name! Any swedish-speakers been involved in the naming?

  4. Henrik, you guessed it right: some Swedish friends thought Geggamoja was close enough to Greg and Moira :-)

  5. Nice video ND. May I ask the about the sound track?


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