07 August 2011

PHOTO: paddling at sunset

Sunset paddling_1_c

Half of me was saying: is not worth it, the other half: don't be lazy...
I only had less than an hour of light left before darkness and I was not sure if getting the kayaks to the water and dressing myself was going to pay off the effort.
The motorboats gone, it was an almost windless evening. A couple of eagles were still soaring hoping to get dinner while small fish were jumping out from the golden water, in front of our bows.
The sky turned slowly a faint pink to later fade into a deeper purple.
There was nothing to disturb this idyllic moment.
All I could hear was the rhythmical, almost silent, gentle splash of my paddle.
The perfect way to finish the day.


1 comment:

  1. If that was this evening in Moreton Bay, the only reason we didn't stay out for the sunset was the fact that the missus was busting for a leak, plus we had animals to feed at home. It was a lovely day for it today. Then again, winter in Queensland, 90% of the days are perfect for paddling.


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