04 April 2011

Photo: rough water

When forecasted winds are in excess of 15 knots we head to a tidal flow that often delivers good fun.
Heading out into the waves can be bumpy.
tail surfing_4_c
 a bit too close for comfort... Zegul520 followed close by Nordkapp LV


  1. nice photo

    where did you place the camera ?

    how it was mounted ?


  2. Nissim,
    the camera mounts on my kayaks are custom made jobs and not commercially available.
    It took me a few years to develop something that would work in rough waters and minimize the risk of kayak damage but there is always the chance of breaking mounts, cameras and kayaks.
    Some mounts require modification to the deck and fibreglassing skills are essential to create the mount and modifications to the kayak.
    Each kayak's deck is different and I have to create a new mount for every one of them. A different angle also requires a new mount.
    While my videos look simple often it takes me a fair amount of time to achieve the desired angle.
    There are commercially available mounts but none offer me what I am looking for.

  3. Wicked shot Gnarly. Very Nice.


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