22 February 2011

Photo: low brace

ElverPaddle sculling_1b
low brace with Elver paddle


  1. Beautiful image here Gnarly and I liked the post on kayak hulls and speeds. I have to agree with you about using a rudder in in a following sea for a couple of reasons. One is that I think it is just about as much out of the water as it is in(depending on conditions and waves I guess) and secondly I find it provides an added surface area for waves/water and their energy to exert forces that tend to tug or “lurch” the boat a bit more violently than without the use. Now would a skeg be more useful because of it’s typically more forward of the stern position than a stern rudder and perhaps more contact with water.

    Oh yes the lady on the front of the bow of the other post. Amazing the stern is not lifted.


  2. Absolutely cracking photo.

    Very original composition and great

    Tim W


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