11 May 2010

Sea kayak rental

When travelling abroad to remote locations it's not always possible to transport your favorite kayak with you.
One option is to rent locally, if possible.
However the style of kayak that you might end up is not always what you expect :-)

inspecting a "caballito"

click on images for larger view

*all photos: M. Visocnik_ used with permission


  1. Not knowing which country these were taken in I looked up caballito in Wikipaedia.

    Caballito means "little horse" in Spanish, from caballo = "horse" + -ito, diminutive suffix. It may refer to:

    * Caballito, Buenos Aires
    * Caballito, a 1910 Mexican peso coin
    * Caballito, a rhythm found in merengue music
    * Caballito, a Panamanian gin
    * Caballito, a narrow type of shot glass
    * Caballito de Tolsá, an equestrian statue of Charles IV
    * Caballito Island in Kindred comics
    * Caballito, a Mexican shot glass

    Rob Pealing

  2. Rob, do a Google search on "caballito kayak"...
    Similar boats (made from reeds) are used on Lake Titicaca :-)


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